Israel's Great Agriculture and Industries

Israel’s land is not that good when it comes to agriculture because it is mostly a desert kind of place. But in Israel, their agriculture is a very highly developed industry. They are a major exporter on fresh products like meat, vegetables and fruits. Some of the crops that Israel grows is wheat and corn and on 1997 they sold 107 million dollars worth of cotton. And for the livestock produce of Israel, they have their milk from their local cows. And when it comes to their fish, they get it from the saltwater like the Mediterranean sea while freshwater fish is from their lake kinneret.. Israel is one of the leading exporter of citrus fruits like oranges and tangerines. And when it comes to their industry, they are good in technology and it is a very large part of the Israeli economy and it continuing to grow in Israel that makes it the major industry of Israel. And also mining and manufacturing is another source of Israel. And lastly is their tourism, about a million tourists go to Israel every year. And it brought Israel almost 10 billion dollars. Israel is the leading country in the middle east. They will surely have more industries in the next few years.

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